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hcb showed new products at the 2020 iote

at the 14th iote at shenzhen conversion & exhibition center on july 29, hcb battery launched its latest product and shared their technical innovations at the iot sensor summit forum, a branch venue of iote.


representatives of hcb 


ms. scarlett liu, the sales & marketing director of hcb,gives a keynote speech on "application of primary lithium batteries in the internet of things".

as a bellwether of the internet of things, china international internet of things exhibition (iote) gives representation to the entire iot industrial chain. iote invited exhibitors covering a range of technologies including the  iot perceptive layer, network transport layer, computing and platform layer and application layer, as well as rfid, sensors, mobile payments, short-range wireless communications, lpwan, big data, cloud computing, cloud platforms, real-time positioning, and the latest iot technologies. 

the physical dimension of a battery will not restrict your imagination any more.

hcb is committed to improving the battery technologies, one of the key elements of terminal applications in the iot industry. the li-mno2 pouch cell has freed the main restriction of battery size in product design, making the battery compartment size customizable. hcb can supply customized battery solutions for a variety of applications.


silver bullet" lithium thionyl chloride battery


at the iot sensor summit forum, in analyzing typical application cases, scarlettintroduced suggestions regarding battery selection and special lithium battery solutions for the iot industry.

as a leading manufacturer of primary lithium batteries in china, hcb launched the latest "silver bullet" lithium thionyl chloride battery to satisfy the needs of iotindustry clients. this series of batteries made its debut at this forum inscarlett’s introduction.

features of "silver bullet" battery

capacity difference between vertical and horizontal placement reaches an advanced level in the industry.

high and low-temperature discharge capacity is further improved.

medium to highcurrent discharge capacity of batteries is further improved.

features a higher capacity use ratio (rated capacity and available capacity).

possesses greater stability and reliability.

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