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hcb battery makes a wonderful appearance at ifsec international 2019 in london--technical innovation, always with you

ifsec is an internationally renowned security exhibition and the largest industrial comprehensive exhibition in europe. founded in 1972, it has a history of more than 40 years. the exhibition has a clear theme and positioning, it becomes a well-known brand exhibition in this field. it has a wide influence and become one of the world's three most influential international security exhibition. ifsec welcomes senior security professionals from more than 100 countries to purchase information technology, network, peripheral protection, access control and other security equipment every year.

as a leading primary lithium battery manufacturer and solution provider in china, hcb battery participated in the exhibition with hcb innovative power supply solutions. you create innovative products, we provide you with innovative power!


the capacity of cr123asc (super capacity li-mno2 (cr) series of products) up to 2100mah, batteries are compliant with ex(ia)iict6 and can withstand the toughest short-circuit test (without external protection) with surface temperature not higher than 85°c. the maximum temperature on the surface of the battery will not exceed 60°c in the actual testing process.


hcb cp power supply solution is a kind of li-mno2 soft batteries,it packed with the aluminum-plastic film shell instead of the metal shell package, the cell with an innovative ultra-thin structure instead of the traditional cylindrical structure. this soft battery solution is more suitable for modern, lightweight electronic devices in the context of iot applications. in 2007, hcb was the first company in china to achieve mass production of li-mno2 soft battery. meanwhile, hcb is also the structural patent owner of li-mno2 soft battery (patent number: zl 2007 2 0087439.8).

hcb is the battery supplier with the largest number of customers and the largest annual delivery volume in the global li-mno2 soft battery application market. the multilayered structure of aluminum-plastic film package increases the safety of li-mno2 soft battery. flexible and diverse size, lightweight design is more suitable for the application requirements of modern electronic products.


hcb primary lithium  batteries can be applied to smoke and burglar alarm, intelligent monitoring, intelligent door lock, intelligent fire hydrant, access control system, temperature alarm device, vehicle safety detection, outdoor yard railings, intelligent home system and other security fields.

the professionals in hcb battery listen to customer needs on site, provide detailed product introduction and more professional power supply solutions for customer; meanwhile they provide thoughtful pre-sales, after-sales, professional technology and other comprehensive services for all new and old customers, won the unanimous praise of on-site customers.


we power your technology! with every improvement that is made, hcb continues to pursue perfection. technological development & innovation are of great importance to hcb. we have been focusing on providing reliable products & services to the customers worldwides for more than 24 years. you create innovative products, we provide you with innovative power! hcb battery provides you with the most complete security power solution.

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